Stop the Dream Inn's massive expansion at West Cliff & Bay

Aerial view of the Santa Cruz pier from above in California

We, the following, are opposed to the proposed expansion and over-development of the Dream Inn parking lot, which has been submitted to the City of Santa Cruz Planning Department.

This massive mixed use project at West Cliff and Bay will increase congestion (with increased cars, buses, bicycles, pedestrians and other activities) at this key intersection in the city of Santa Cruz. This intersection is also the gateway to West Cliff Drive and the Westside of Santa Cruz for surfers, tourists, residents, students and others!

Excavation for the two-story underground parking garage may destabilize the construction site and surrounding area. Just one large earthquake could be disastrous!

We, the following residents of Santa Cruz, strongly oppose this over-development of our city and the Westside area and request that the Santa Cruz City Council and Planning Department do not approve this permit and project as currently proposed.

Supporter Comments

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"The scale of this is simply not a good idea in this location for so many reasons. It would create almost constant gridlock for one."

Francesca Hampton, Santa Cruz, CA

"I'm signing because I think the Dream Inn should pay attention to sea level rising challenges instead of expanding; that any new projects ought to include affordable housing and transit-oriented development, ie. residents who will forego car use, and take advantage of public transit that will be included in development."

Dana Bagshaw

"We have a terrible traffic problem at the bay street and West Cliff and this will make it worse. Sunday it took me 10 min to go left on to Center St. from Bay."

Richard Marialis, Fremont, CA

"This expansion is bad for the neighborhood. It overcrowds an already congested area."

Gabe McHugh, Santa Cruz, CA

"Santa Cruz is too wonderful to leave to the likes of greedy corporations."

Michael Urban, Santa Cruz, CA

"Santa Cruz will be losing more of its charm with these mega-developments. This “housing” project as well as similar commercial/residential projects, only add to the already congested congestion and then the greedy developers walk away with bulging pockets and leave us with an over-developed mini-city that has lost its charm and quaint neighborhoods."

Diane Lamond, Santa Cruz, CA